Sabre Heads : Lotus Tuning, caterham, westfield, Gtm, Ferrari, Radical, Ford, Toyota, Rover, mini, Bristol, classic/historic all catered for inhouse. Modification/upgrading of heads in all aspects. Flowbench testing, 3 angle seatwork. Camshaft sales, valve springs, uprated/performance valves.

Unit 21 Boleness Road, Wisbech, Cambs, PE13 2RB 

Please phone Roger on 01945 585381 / 07773 124 580 or email for details.


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Welcome to Sabre Heads ! Not heard of me ? Well with 60 million people or so living in the UK alone, are you surprised !

I have been 'working' heads as a sole trader since June 2002. Prior to this I had been an employee, using my skills and love of headwork for my employer's benefit, this since 1985.

My grounding was 4 1/2 years in reconditioning heads at an award winning reconditioners - Taylor Automotive. During that time I passed 2 years of A grade mechanics studies - doing 2 nights a week of nightschool and using holidays for the block courses. I greatly enjoyed the knowledge imparted. 

6 months into my 3rd year and unable- at 29yrs- to get a short apprenticeship(required to sit exams/get certificate) I decided to leave for new pastures.

 I started working at Janspeed in their headshop- Janspeed is most famous for their performance exhaust systems rather than their performance engine/head departments. I worked in this dept. through 4 years of Nissan Japan factory BTCC Primera's, group B Alfa Romeo's, plus numerous projects for the Rover group, as in production of 6- 350hp turbocharged 1400 K series for the MGF landspeed record. The car achieved an average of 217mph using just one engine, testimony to the quality of the work.   A staple part of our production through many years was the good old A series Mini, all modification levels and in hundreds. There were also- in the early days- many X flow/pinto/cvh fords etc

My K series induction came with PTP's arrival at Janspeed. Janspeed was used as a Technical advisor & 'labour supplier' for their heads and engines, much of which went to the Lotus factory. Around 500 x 135's, all the 340R's, 700 Exige and numerous others, but many- as in the 165 and 220hp engines- for general PTP sales. We also did behind the scene work for Rover, this included headwork on the now badged 'Bmw Mini' some 2-4 yrs before they hit the street!!

My biggest claim to fame during all this, was prior to Janspeeds forced closure due to financial problems(and my redundancy)- that the Vulcan casting as it is known(produced by PTP)is an improved casting utilising modifications I produced on the flowbwench of the Rover motorsport head(Oft referred to as a 'Vhpd')

Since becoming a sole trader, I have been enjoying the far greater diversity of manufacturers product, heads from most modern vehicle types including Honda, Toyota, Celica VVTi, GT4, Skyline/Subaru Turbos, Zetec/Duratec Ford, Peugeot, Mercedes, Renault. Some of this supplied from other businesses who trust/like the quality of my work and investment in the machines to do them. I spend many hours on the flowbench, this is the fun part of job! I don't have all the answers but I try very hard to keep improving my knowledge with the aim to benefit my customers.