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Welcome to my website!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and get to know me. I welcome your thoughts, comments, tips or personal contact requests. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Sabre Heads : Lotus, caterham, westfield, Gtm, Ford, Toyota, Rover, mini, Bristol, classic/historic all catered for inhouse. Modification/upgrading of heads in all aspects. Flowbench testing if you wish, also performance parts such as cams and others


My New pemises as of July 2016, UNIT14B nene Business park, 'OFF' Queen Street, Wisbech in Cambridgeshire PE13  3Yb

Please phone Roger on 01945 592 384 / 07773 124 580 or email for more details.


Site under construction.

Welcome to Sabre Heads ! Not heard of me ? Well with 60 million people or so living in the UK alone, are you surprised !

I have been 'working' heads as a sole trader since June 2002. Prior to this I had been an employee, using my skills and love of headwork for my employer's benefit, this since 1985.

My grounding was 4 1/2 years in reconditioning heads at an award winning reconditioners - Taylor Automotive.

I started working at Janspeed in their headshop in 1991- Janspeed is most famous for their performance exhaust systems rather than their performance engine/head departments. I worked in the head dept. through 4 years of Nissan Japan factory BTCC Primera's, group B Alfa Romeo's, plus numerous projects for the Rover group, as in production of 6- 300hp turbocharged 1400 K series for the MGF landspeed record. The car achieved an average of 217mph using just one engine, testimony to the quality of the work. A staple part of our production through many years was the good old A series Mini, all modification levels and in hundreds. There were also- in the early days- many X flow/pinto/cvh fords etc

My K series induction came with PTP's arrival at Janspeed. Janspeed was used as a Technical advisor & 'labour supplier' for their heads and engines, much of which went to the Lotus factory. Around 500 x 135's, all the 340R's, 700 Exige and numerous others, but many- as in the 165 and 220hp engines- for general PTP sales. We also did behind the scene work for Rover, this included headwork on the now badged 'Bmw Mini' some 2-4 yrs before they hit the street!!

My biggest claim to fame during all this, was prior to Janspeeds forced closure due to financial problems(and my redundancy in 2001)- that the Rover K series based 'Vulcan' casting- as it is known (produced by PTP) is an improved casting utilising modifications I produced on the flowbwench of the Rover motorsport head(Oft referred to as a 'Vhpd')

Since becoming a sole trader, I have been enjoying the far greater diversity of manufacturers product, heads from most modern vehicle types. I have spent many hours on the flowbench, this is the fun part of job!   I don't have all the answers but I try very hard to keep improving my knowledge with the aim to benefit my customers.

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